Seller's Guide

Listing Prep Checklist


1. Minimize Personal Items

  • Always remember "less is more" when listing your home.
  • Prospective buyers want to be able to imagine themselves (and their
    belongings) in your space.
  • Too much clutter distracts from the selling points of your home.
  • Remove polarizing decor (i.e. religious, political, etc). Think neutral.

2. Keep It Clean & Comfortable

  • You want your home to be "show-ready" at all times.
  • Hire a cleaning service periodically to keep your home spotless.
  • Hire landscapers to maintain curb appeal.
  • Keep the home at a cool & comfortable temperature. First impressions are key and it's especially important during the hot summer months.

3. Where to Spend Money

  • You don't need to do a major remodel to prep your home but paint, carpet, and landscaping are relatively low in cost and go a long way toward the aesthetics of your home.
  • PAINT & CARPET: Pick something neutral and keep costs low by using the same color throughout the home.
  • LANDSCAPING: Cut back vegetation and add some pops of color for a clean & inviting look.
  • REPAIRS: Small repairs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. General rule: If it's visible and/or causing damage (i.e. leaks, cracked window, etc), fix it prior to listing. Other items can always be negotiated during the buyer's inspection period.

Planning Your Move

• Start organizing and decide what you’re taking with you and what you're getting rid of (donate or host a yard sale).
• Get quotes from moving companies.
• Make a list of anyone you need to inform about moving (schools, doctors, banks, etc).
• Talk to your insurance companies about the move.
• Begin arranging transportation for you, your family, and your pets.
• Start purchasing packing supplies (standard boxes in various sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, etc).

• Start packing. Start with items you don't use often and save items you use frequently.
• Begin labeling boxes according to contents & which room it belongs to in the new house.
• Keep a running list of packed items/boxes to cross-reference with the moving company.
• Consider renting a storage unit to remedy any gaps in your move.
• If you’re driving, get your car checked out.
• Tell the post office you’re moving & get change-of-address cards.
• Gather records from schools, doctors, dentists, etc.

• Contact moving company and confirm date/time/plan.
• Evaluate how many days off work you'll need to make the move and request time off.
• Contact utility companies and disconnect/transfer/install services.

• Finish all packing a few days before moving day with the exception of any essential
items you'll need during your move.
• Confirm movers again.
• Arrange to pick up your new house keys from your Real Estate Agent.

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